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The Centre

The CD6 is a technological innovation centre established in 1997 with the aim of fostering the R+D activities in the field of Optical Engineering developed in the Terrassa Campus of the Technical University of Catalonia.

The CD6 team is 40 people with complementary expertise (Optics, Electronics, Mechanics and Software) that allows the development of close-to-market applications. The CD6 team is currently composed of 11 researchers, 13 technicians, 4 persons engaged in the management and administration of the center and 8 students to develop their PhD theses within the framework of research and technology transfer projects.

CD6 activity focuses on developing research and technology applications in the field of Optical Engineering. The centre's researchers are working on four major areas of research:

  • Metrology
  • Visual Optics
  • Optical design and simulation
  • Colour


Moreover, the knowledge gained in these lines, results in applications that are transferred to industry. This transfer occurs primarily within the following areas of innovation:

  • Instrumentation Development
  • Design of optical systems and sensors
  • Biomedical Instrumentation
  • Optical metrology
  • Manufacturing techniques of optical systems and components
  • Optical techniques for nondestructive testing (NDT)
  • Colour Technology


The activity of CD6 and the careers of its members has been recognized by the Government of Catalonia with distinction as a Consolidated Research Group from the first call in 1993 and also, is a member of the Network of Technological Innovation Centres TECNIO (Government of Catalonia).

The experience gained in the development of research and technology transfer to companies goes back more than 25 years. For example, in the last 10 years, the CD6 has managed over 120 projects for nearly 90 clients for an amount of € 7M.




Targetted sectors

Optics is a technology used in diverse areas such as daily life or advanced research, going through numerous applications in industry, medicine, etc. Its evolution has been a constant in history and has accompanied the development of other disciplines that have a direct impact on the progress and technological innovation. It is called an "enabling technology".

At present, optics is complemented by electronics, software and mechanics to rise highly specialized applications (non-contact surface profilometry, medical imaging, etc..) or consumer products (digital cameras, public lighting, etc.).

In the industrial field, it is possible to find optical technology in applications that help improve quality through production control, production processes and also incorporated into finished products.

This situation allows CD6 to have customers in a wide range of industry sectors as in example the automotive, consumer electronics and multimedia, biomedical instrumentation manufacturers and institutions or research centers, among others.



Innovation and Value Creation

CD6 activity is focused on value creation through innovation. The goal of CD6 applied research is that the new knowledge generated, hits the market as new products or new processes. In this sense, it is noteworthy that the center has more than 25 patents, 4 of which have been licensed generating royalty revenues on a regular basis.

One feature that has characterized all actions promoted from CD6 is the entrepreneurial spirit of its members. The CD6 has promoted the creation of several spin-off companies based on research results. These companies are: Sensofar-Tech (http://www.sensofar.com), dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of equipment for the characterization of surface roughness and shape, Visiometrics (http://www.visiometrics.com) manufacturer of equipment for optical quality measurement of human vision, Simulacions Òptiques (http://www.snelloptics.com) that provides high performance simulation tools of optical systems at a very low cost and, finally, Micropap (http://www.micropap.com), dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of advanced control electronics for stepper and brushless motors.




Apart from the contacts and academic relations with other institutions related to CD6, the center has entered a period of progressive internationalization of its activities with the acquisition of customers around the world. Currently, the CD6 has established R&D contracts with several companies from USA, Germany, Israel, Taiwan and Denmark, among other countries.

This process has been strongly reinforced by the four spin-off mentioned above. The commercial activities undertaken by these companies has helped to identify needs in distant customers.

One of the most significant international recognition has been the prize to the most innovative product in the field of optics in 2004: the Photonics CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE AWARDS given to PLμ 2300, a product completely developed at CD6 and marketed by Sensofar-Tech.

CD6 Centre for Sensors, Instruments and Systems Development
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