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Light is an element that has been present ever since and has decisively influenced our lives and our economic development. The applications of light cover large areas of human activity such as those described on this page. The CD6 is a research center  and focused on the development of new applications and solutions that provide real value to society and industry.


Health Care & Life Sciences

In recent years optics has conveyed a variety of new applications not invasive, especially in the field of medicine, allowing development of new diagnostic tools, therapies and surgical techniques. The CD6 are contributing to produce advances in the fields of high-resolution 3D image, the new ophthalmology or medical instrumentation, among others.


Optical Sensing

The wide range of new commercially available optical sensors has become a valuable source of information that has revolutionized the industry. The acquisition of information in real time, the vision in remote areas of the visible spectrum or high resolution cameras and high dynamic range, are examples of devices that have created a huge impact on industrial processes. Other examples of optical sensors are found in Earth observation systems in safety devices or equipment for the detection of pollutants.


Lighting, Displays & Energy

Lighting systems are present in a variety of environments: public lighting, automobiles, traffic signaling systems, etc.. By the same token, it is increasingly common for all types of devices equipped displays or screens to provide information. We find from the panel displays information on the highways to mobile phones. These systems should be designed to combine functionality with a reduced energy consumption. The emergence of increasingly efficient LEDs, OLED displays new devices or 3D image, it will be a constant in the near future. The other hand, the light that reaches us from the Sun is a source of energy that has just begun to exploit. The use of systems that efficiently exploit solar energy and photovoltaic will have a huge impact on sustainability and environmental conservation. In this field CD6 have experience in the characterization of light sources, the design of lighting systems (interior of vehicles, lighting, etc.). Or signaling systems (lights, panels in highways, etc.. )


Manufacturing & Quality

The incorporation of optical devices to control and measure a variety of production processes has become a key to productivity and competitiveness of enterprises. Ensuring the quality of products manufactured or cut costs in manufacturing processes are critical elements that contribute to wealth generation. Furthermore, the use of optical and laser technologies, has opened the door to improved processes of cutting or welding or fabrication of micrometer-scale mechanical components.


Safety & Security

Security is an everyday element in the optical and photonic technologies can play a key role. Areas such as safety in driving all types of vehicles, sensors, pollution and contaminants in food quality control, biometrics and surveillance of borders, are issues of crucial importance to the optical devices can give out effectively.


Manufacturing of Optical Systems and Components

Given the enormous impact that optical technologies have generated in all spheres of human activity, the manufacture of optical components and systems has become an emerging industry that will grow significantly in coming years. The development of new production processes or studying the optical properties of new materials and photonic be a generator of change agents at all levels.

Optical Instrumentation, Optical Metrology, Self-mixing interferometry, Time-of-flight imaging, Fringe projection, Ronchi test, 3D Body Scanning
Physiological optics, Biophysics, Visual Optics, Optical Instrumentation, Ophthalmic lenses, Ophthalmic Optics, Shack-Hartmann sensors, Biophotonics
Optical Instrumentation, Optical design, Led Lighting, Ophthalmic lenses, Adaptive optics, Active optics
Color Technology, Multispectral systems, Hyperspectral systems, Photometry, Imaging Sensors
CD6 Centre for Sensors, Instruments and Systems Development
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