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Health Care Innovation Lab, Orbital 40 (...

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Health Care Innovation Lab, Orbital 40 (PECT)

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Santiago Royo Royo [+info]


The Photonics is the set of technologies that use the light like element to generate applications in all the scopes. It is a set of technologies that are essential for modern life and economic growth, which have enabled other key technologies, such as advanced and high precision manufacturing, have revolutionized diagnostic and medical therapy tools (image diagnosis, clinical analyzes, genetic sequencers, advanced surgery, ...) or have contributed to transforming the energy landscape by focusing on technologies related to the generation and exploitation of energy (Solar energy, efficient lighting , ...). In the short-term future, photonics are called to be a key technology in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, in the development of new sources of clean energy such as fusion energy or also to play a decisive role in The growing demands for information storage and calculation capacity.

In this scenario of present and future, Photonics is consolidated as one of the technologies that offers the greatest potential for impact on society, in economic terms and the welfare of the population, in the next decades. For this reason, the European Union has identified it as one of the Key Enabling Technologies of the Horizon2020 program, and the Generalitat de Catalunya has incorporated it as a facilitating technology in the RIS3CAT strategy.

In general, technology-based companies are a pole of attraction of talent, of new investments and act as tractors of the local innovation system. On the other hand, they help create highly qualified jobs and create wealth and prestige. However, the path they have to go through until their level of consolidation allows them to generate the previous benefits, is long over time and requires specialized support (technological, financial, training, etc.). Although statistically there is a high level of mortality in this type of business, the net contribution of the group is highly beneficial for the territory in which they are located as they dynamize the ecosystem significantly (exports, demands for innovation, demands of advanced services).

The creation of CAREF, an incubator specializing in photonic technologies in Terrassa, is a project that aims to continue the strategy of the city in terms of positioning itself as a hub in the field of Photonics. A hub in every way: Training, research, innovation, industrial fabric and business organizations, which is completed with high value added services such as CAREF.

The objectives of the CAREF are the following:

• Promote the entrepreneurial base of technology in the field of photonics.
• Establish an efficient channel to transfer high-tech business initiatives from the laboratory (students and researchers) to the market.
• Facilitate the adoption of photonic technologies in relevant industrial environments.
• Promote the international visibility of the photonic environment with the aim of attracting innovative projects, talent, foreign investment and contributing to the generation of wealth at the local level.

The project is financed by the Generalitat de Catalunya (General Direction of Local Administrations) within the framework of the RIS3CAT Program (Territorial Competitiveness Specialization Projects - PECT), by the Diputació de Barcelona and by the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC)

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