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Three-dimensional profilometry of the hu...

Eye skin wrinckles topography - Final processed result


Three-dimensional profilometry of the human skin by means of fringe projection

Principal investigator

Santiago Royo Royo [+info]


The project proposes the development of an application based 3D projection profilometry oriented bands performing three-dimensional topography of human skin. For this, has proposed conducting a fringe projection system with two cameras. The project involved the whole mechanical construction, the design of the optical system of projection and drawing software captures and measures. Also designed the electronics required for the projection system. We have implemented a system for displaying 3D representation of the data, and in parallel analyzed using commercial software. The system implements two working modes interchangeable: a wide-field mode (100x55mm) resolution 15micres vertical and horizontal 60micres and a high resolution mode with golf 30x20mm, 3micres resolution vertical and horizontal 20micres. The result is the production of topographies wide field (wide-field) and high resolution of wrinkles and other skin imperfections, which have allowed to assess, among other applications, the evolution of these imperfections when subjected cosmetic treatments. To this has been particularly important to establish techniques allow comparison of areas of the skin after treatment time could be longer.

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Book chapter: "F. Perez, S. Vera, L. Lara, J. Herrero Jover, M.A. González Ballester, M. Ares, S. Royo, L. Campderrós, D. Panyella “Quantitative evaluation of the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments and aesthetic surgical interventions based on surface scans” Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery CARS 2012, Pisa 27-30 June 2012, Póster"

Paper not indexed: "Royo, S., Ares, M., Riu, J., Panyella, D. (2014): "Metrologia 3D de superfícies extenses". Revista de Tecnologia, nº5. P.17-26"

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