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Design of optical systems and sensors

Featured Projects

Adaptive optics without sensor for amateur astronomy.

Adaptive optics (AO) allows real-time compensation of the distortion induced by the atmosphere in large astronomical telescopes. Usually AO systmes ... [+info]

Plastic optics

Development of a new industrial process for the encapsulation of electro-optical devices for distributed information systems bandwidth.

This project aims to develop a new industrial process using ultrasound for encapsulating electro-optical devices to be used in distributed ... [+info]

Development of a new industrial process to obtain photochromic beam splitters for plastic optical fiber multiplexers (POF)

In our world of increasing connectivity, wavelength multiplexing has been one of the essential factors responsible for the rise in ... [+info]

Development of an industrial system for recording diffraction-polarization gratings to be used in encoders using a fetosecond laser

The project "Development of an industrial system for the recording of diffraction/polarization gratings for use in encoders by femtosecond laser ... [+info]

Micro-injection Machine for Photonic Integrated Circuits encapsulation with optical performance using thermoplastic materials

The PICEO Project: Integrated photonic circuits (PIC) play a key role in almost any activity. These components are better known as ... [+info]


Health Care Innovation Lab, Orbital 40 (PECT)

The Photonics is the set of technologies that use the light like element to generate applications in all the scopes. ... [+info]

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