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Optical metrology


Study and development of a method to analyze in line the surface smoothness properties of paper, using the texture analysis of Specke pattern based on image processing techniques.

Principal investigator

Josep Pladellorens Mallofré [+info]


Paper surface roughness is an important consideration in paper and board destined for printing. The amount of coating and method of application depend on the roughness of the base paper. We present a method to measure the roughness of the paper based on analysis of speckle pattern on the surface. Images are captured by means of a simple configuration using a laser and a charge-coupled device (CCD) camera. Then, we apply digital image processing using a co-occurrence matrix, providing for a noncontact surface profiling method that can be used online.




Ph.D.: , "Estudio y desarrollo de un método de análisis de las propiedades de lisura superficial de papeles especiales, utilizando el análisis de textura del patrón de speckle." (2011)

Comunicació a congrés internacional (en anglès): "A. Pino, J. Pladellorens (2010) "Method of measure of roughness of paper based in the analysis of the texture of speckle pattern." Speckle 2010. Florianàpolis (Brasil)" (2010)

Comunicació a congrés internacional (en anglès): "Pladellorens, J., Pino, A., Antó, J.(Agost 2009):"Measure of roughness of paper using speckle." Cap. llibre: Optical Inspection and Metrology for Non-Optics Industries. SPIE.Vol 7432. DOI: 10.1117/12.825072 Bellingham (W) USA.(2009). " (2009)

Paper: "Pino, A., Pladellorens, J., Colom, J.F., Cusola, O., Tosas, A. (2011):"Using laser speckle to measure the roughness of paper".The Paper and packaging industries' technical resource. Tappi Journal VOL. 10 NO. 3 "

Paper: "Pino, A., Pladellorens, J., Cusola, O., Caum, J. (2011): " Roughness measurement of paper using speckle". Optical Engineering 50 (09), Pp.769-771. Sept.2011"

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