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A method of measuring a displacement-related parameter using a laser self-mixing measuring system, and a laser self-mixing measuring system

Aldaba, M., Pujol, J., Mira, A., Barrera, J.F. (2018): "Method for determining tear film dynamics and associated computer program products."

Delpueyo, X., Vilaseca, M., Ares, M., Royo, S., Vazquez, J., Pellacani, G., André, P., Solomita, G., Bassoli, S., Malvehy, J., Puig, S., Perchoux, J., Quotb, A. (2017): "A computer implemented method, a system and computer program products to characterize a skin lesion."

Device and method for measuring diffusion (ocular scattering based on the registration and processing of retinal images).

Device and method for optically inspecting and analysing stent-like objects

Device and method for the measurement of the ocular aberrations based on a curvature sensor.

Device and procedure to completely measure the wave-front of an arbitrary optical system.

Device for the automatic detection of defects in ophthalmic lenses.

Device for the dimension determination of the perforations and analysis of skates on the paper.

Device for the individualised following of elements of a scene and procedure to make this following.

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