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Optical Instruments Development

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Artificial eye

Development of a new instrument for the evaluation in vitro of the optical quality of intraocular lenses by means of the double step technique (CALIO).

Nowadys, there is an increasing number of surgery operations to correct eye-related problems. Specifically, the use of Intraocular Lenses (IOL) ... [+info]

Verification of superficial and geometrical quality of pieces during the mechanized process by means of optical techniques without contact.

Technical requirements of manufacturing industry are increasingly demanding, requesting high precision metrology in complex geometries and high surface quality, all ... [+info]

Study and development of a method to analyze in line the surface smoothness properties of paper, using the texture analysis of Specke pattern based on image processing techniques.

Paper surface roughness is an important consideration in paper and board destined for printing. The amount of coating and method ... [+info]

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