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Development of an industrial system for recording diffraction-polarization gratings to be used in encoders using a fetosecond laser

The project "Development of an industrial system for the recording of diffraction/polarization gratings for use in encoders by femtosecond laser ... [+info]

Micro-injection Machine for Photonic Integrated Circuits encapsulation with optical performance using thermoplastic materials

The PICEO Project: Integrated photonic circuits (PIC) play a key role in almost any activity. These components are better known as ... [+info]


Health Care Innovation Lab, Orbital 40 (PECT)

The Photonics is the set of technologies that use the light like element to generate applications in all the scopes. ... [+info]

Development of new techniques and advanced instrumentation for clinical evaluation of eye's optical quality and color measurement in industrial applications of high interest

The project lies in the context of two research fields of hight scientific and technological interest, visual optics and color technology. ... [+info]

Preliminary design of the research prototype

Optical sectioning techniques using self-powered interferometry: applications in biophotonics.

Optical Feedback Interferometry (OFI) is an optical sensing scheme that has become the core working topic of our research. In OFI, ... [+info]

Eye skin wrinckles topography - Final processed result

Three-dimensional profilometry of the human skin by means of fringe projection

The project proposes the development of an application based 3D projection profilometry oriented bands performing three-dimensional topography of human skin. ... [+info]

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