Centre for Sensors, Instruments and Systems Development

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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Development of a laser polishing technique to manufacture optical-quality clear glass tubing


Design, construction and checking of a tristimulus colorimeter based on a CCD sensor. (LE3 Project)


Development and checking of an imaging confocal optical profiler. Production of the first commercial prototype.


Development of new instrumentation for color measurement based on CCD sensors. Extension of its application to the near infrared.


Development of new sensors based on optical techniques for 3D metrology of surfaces on micro and nanometrical scale


Development of new spectrophotometric instrumentation for measuring color, based on image optoelectronic sensors


Development of a new technique to measure topographies of complex optical surfaces and adaptation of a confocal profilometer


Development ot compact tools for the photometric testing of light sources used in terrestrial transportation.


Development of new methodologies of similarity analysis in commercial containers


Development of new instrumentationfor objective visual quality assessment

CD6 Centre for Sensors, Instruments and Systems Development
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