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Workshop on LIDAR Technology and Applications

On November 27, the ALTER-ETSIT chair organizes a workshop on LIDAR technology (Laser Imaging, Detection And Ranging) in which representatives ... [+info]


3D Skin Tumor Analyzer

Skin cancer represents an outstanding challenge from both social and economic points of view, being the most common desease in ... [+info]


Outputs of the HYPAG project (Hyperspectral imaging technology for precision agr...

The HYPAG project (Hyperspectral Imaging Technology for Precision Agriculture Applications) has been carried out within the framework of the 2019 ... [+info]


Ophthalmic instrumentation for tear film evaluation based on corneal reflex degr...

The tear film is the first surface of the eye which is in contact with the air. When its normal ... [+info]


Automatic Hyperspectral Pest Counter

Agriculture in the 21st century faces multiple challenges: it has to produce more food to feed a growing population with ... [+info]


Spectroscopic Evaluation of Red Blood Cells of Thalassemia Patients with Confoca...

Hemoglobinopathies represent the most common single-gene defects in the world and pose a major public health problem, particularly in tropical ... [+info]


Texture Evaluation of Automotive Coatings by Means of a Gonio-Hyperspectral Imag...

Sparkle and graininess are textural e ects that appear as intrinsic spatial features of coatings containing goniochromatic pigments, whereas others such ... [+info]


Geometric Model and Calibration Method for a Solid-State LiDAR

This paper presents a novel calibration method for solid-state LiDAR devices based on a geometrical description of their scanning system, ... [+info]


INTELFOT - Intelligent photonics-based system for integrated pest management

The consortium formed by CD6 and the company Comercial Química Massó S.A. has recently started the development of the INTELFOT ... [+info]


Development of an industrial system for recording diffraction-polarization grati...

ECOGRAB Project, under the funding program RETOS-Colaboración (RTC-2016-5277-5) and developed by Fagor Automation, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Centro de Estudios ... [+info]

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