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Photonics technologies are everywhere!

EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium) has released a video to promote the use of photonic technologies. Can be viewed at ... [+info]


Interdisciplinary Workshop “Laser Imaging for Skin Cancer Detection"

COST Action BM1205 has as one of its main goals the advance in the understanding of laser imaging techniques and ... [+info]


CD6 participates in the XXXII Congress of the ESCRS

CD6 researchers participated in the V Congress of the European Society of Cornea and Ocular Surface (EuCornea) and XXXII Congress ... [+info]


UPC Special Award 2014 to the best PhD Thesis

Dr. Gregor K. Esser, obtained his PhD degree in the Program in Optical Engineering at the Technical University of Catalonia ... [+info]


CD6 contributions at Visual & Physiological Optics 2014 meeting

Researchers from CD6 participated in the first World Congress of Visual and Physiological Optics (formerly  European Meeting on Visual & ... [+info]


Collaboration with IOBA

The CD6 has collaborated with the Instituto de Oftalmobiología Aplicada (IOBA), Universidad de Valladolid in several studies for the development ... [+info]


CD6 in the Yearbook of Innovation in Spain 2014

The CD6 has been selected as one of the R+D Centres to be part of the Yearbook of Innovation in ... [+info]


The Catalan Health Technologies Cluster

The new Health Technologies Cluster aims to share synergies to take advantge of new opportunities in the global market. This ... [+info]


Seminar about the ocular optical quality's measurement

On June 11th Mikel Aldaba, researcher at CD6,  imparted a seminar at the Graduate Institute of Applied Ophthalmobiology ( [+info]


Self-Mixing Interferometry: a Universal Yardstick to Measure Almost Everything

Next Wednesday 18th June, Professor Silvano Donati is going to provide a technical session in CD6. Silvano Donati of the ... [+info]

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