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Terrassa, the City of Light

Under the International Year of Light, the City of Terrassa dedicates the Dissemination Conference within the Week of Science, to ... [+info]


The Multi-ethnic Pediatric Eye Disease Study: Epidemiology & Clinical Practice ...

Data from the population-based Multi-ethnic Pediatric Eye Disease Study (MEPEDS) of 9055 children ages 6 to 72 months that inform clinical ... [+info]


Robert L. Kersman Award of Excellence for the Best Paper

In the latest edition of the Aluminum Anodizers Annual Conference & Exhibition, the article titled "Using Optical measurement methods to ... [+info]


Davalor Research Center

Over 50% of the population has visual dysfunction and about 10% suffer from shortcomings that limit theri daily activity. Children ... [+info]


Biophotonics and hyperspectral imaging technology applied to visual health and s...

Under the National Plan for R&D, has started a new CD6 research project aimed at developing new techniques for diagnosis ... [+info]


Effect of proximity clues in pupil measurements

A study by researchers at CD6 and DAVALOR Research Centre (DRC) associates the proximal accommodation to pupil measurements, demonstrating that ... [+info]


Francisco J. Burgos awarded with OSA Outstanding Student Contribution Award

In the last edition of the National Optics Meeting held in Salamanca, CD6 PhD candidate Francisco J. Burgos received the ... [+info]


Current Concepts in Amblyopia: What We’ve Learned From 18 Years of the Amblyo...

Amblyopia is responsible for more vision loss for people under age 45 than all other causes combined.  Unfortunately, good, evidence-based ... [+info]


A photonics based biosensor with plasmonic accuracy and low cost

The proof of concept proposed is aimed at the healthcare market, and in particular to portable medical devices (lab-on-chip) and microfluidics. ... [+info]


Assessment of multifocal contact lens over-refraction using an infrared, open-fi...

CD6 researchers recently published a study on the use of an infrared open-field autorefractor to predict refractive error when fitting a ... [+info]

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