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Improving efficiency of integrated pest control using photonics engineering

Nowadays, there are very harmful insect pests for fruit crops, which need to be accurately monitored to extinguish them in ... [+info]


International Colour Day

International Colour Day (ICD) is celebrated on 21st March every year. International Colour Association adopted ICD in 2009.  On, this ... [+info]


Deep learning-sensor fusion architecture for pedestrian and object detection in ...

Unmanned and semiautonomous vehicles need a full sensor suite which, at least, needs cameras, LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) and ... [+info]


AD-POLARIS: Aperture division polarimetric camera for improved imaging in disper...

The objective of the AD-POLARIS project is to develop a novel type of polarimetric camera based on aperture division.



MISTED: Multimodal imaging for vision through turbid media

Light propagation in turbid and complex media has been a traditional source of interest in photonics research, due to the ... [+info]


Outcomes of the ‘3D Skin Tumour Analyzer’ project

The '3D skin tumour analyser' project has been carried out at the CD6 centre by the optical metrology group with ... [+info]


XIII Congreso National Color Congress (29th-30th de June and 1st de July de 2022...

Next summer a new edition of the National Color Congress will bring together professionals and academics from numerous fields such ... [+info]


New scientific equipment for CD6

The CD6 of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC) will expand, through funding from the Call for Scientific ... [+info]


Mapsi Photonics and Inmersia Computers distinguished

Mapsi Photonics and Inmersia Computers are two of the startups that have been recognized among the 50 most emerging companies ... [+info]


The TECNIO Association is created

The TECNIO Association, set up on 8th November, is made up of the 59 research groups that currently hold the ... [+info]

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