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Two CD6 projects awarded with research grants from the City Council of Terrassa

In the last call of the research grant program for students of the university centers based in Terrassa, convened by ... [+info]


Photonic technologies for 3D detection

The Sensors, Instrumentation and Systems Development Center (CD6 UPC) and BEAMAGINE, SL, spin-offs of the same center, have begun their ... [+info]


TEAR-EVAL - Novel instrumentation for objective evaluation of tear film quality ...

CD6 is working in a project to develop novel instrumentation for the objective evaluation of the tear film quality based ... [+info]


HYPAG - Hyperspectral imaging technology for precision agriculture applications

CD6 has been working on a number of projects in the field of precision agriculture based on hyperspectral imaging (real-time ... [+info]


SENSOFAR awarded with the

The spin-off SENSOFAR has been recognized with the award to the best technology-based company. Created in 2001 from the Center ... [+info]


PLEXOF - Development of a new industrial process to obtain photochromic beam spl...

The PLEXOF project, under the funding of the RETOS collaboration program (RTC-2016-5526-8) of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, for ... [+info]


PICEO - Micro-injection machine for Photonic Integrated Circuits encapsulation w...

Under the funding of the program Convocatòria d’Industria del Coneixement for the year 2016, Modalitat B, Producte, of the Agencia ... [+info]


Railway infrastructure inspection with LIDAR

In July 2019, the execution of the CIFIL project has been completed, in which CD6 has contributed by developing a ... [+info]


The PICEO project, finalist of the EARTO Innovation Awards.

Under the funding of the program Industria del Coneixement for the 2016 call of the Agencia de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris ... [+info]


WORKSHOP: Photonics 4 Optical Fiber Applications

In the framework of the Spanish Meeting of Optoelectronics (OPTOEL2019, Zaragoza), Fotónica21 (CD6 being part of the Technical Secretariat) organizes ... [+info]

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