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New PhD projects at CD6

Last June 19. the CD6 doctoral students Carlos Bermudez Porras, Anna Giner Tort and Jorge Méndez Astudillo presented their PhD proposals in the Optical Engineering Program. The proposals presented will be part of the research to be developed at CD6 in the following years.

The projects presented follow:

Title: Study and development of a new inspection system of stents based on optical metrology techniques
Author: Carlos Bermúdez Porras
Director: Ferran Laguarta Bertran

Title: New advances in the characterization of the optical and visual quality in multifocal systems' users.
Author: Anna Giner Tort
Director: Montserrat Arjona Carbonell y Jaume Pujol Ramo

Title: Improvements in the self-mixing interferometry techniques for optical engineering and microfluidics applications.
Author: Jorge Méndez Astudillo
Director: Santiago Royo Royo
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