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CD6 and ASCAMM create the Quality Plastic Optics unit (QPO)

CD6 and ASCAMM and have launched a joint unit called Quality Plastic Optics (QPO). The aim of QPO is to develop the capacity to manufacture high quality plastic optical components. This initiative, after several months of  study, combines technological expertises from both institutions: The design and simulation of optical systems from CD6 and thermal simulation and plastic injection techniques from ASCAMM.

The functions developed by QPO will be the following:
  • Optic design adapted to plastic lens manufacturing.
  • Plastic materials for optical applications.
  • Specialised mould manufacturing for optics.
  • Polymer processing for optical applications (combined processes)
  • Stabilisation processes (pre and post-processing)
  • Product quality control

This project has received the support of ACC1Ó in the framework of the Development Plans for TECNIO Agents.

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