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Compact interferometric sensor for non-contact high resolution metrology applications

For more than fifteen years, CD6 has been developing instrumentation related to optical metrology. In previous projects, we have developed several applications related to the combination of optical metrology techniques with adaptive optics techniques. One of the most promising applications has been developed from the combination of adaptive optics with self-mixing interferometry systems (SMI). The technique allows the measurement of distanc, speed and displacement with resolutions of tens of nanometers, with a extremely compact, robust and low cost assembly. This has allowed its use in non-contact metrology applications in hostile environments with nanometer resolution, or in very small spaces.

The new proposal, addreses an alternative concept for the SMI sensor that improves the performance and allows its extension to a large number of new applications or improved existing benefits. An international patent has been already filed to protect intellectual property. The validity of the proposal is demonstrated by simulation and a preliminary test with materials available at the laboratory. The simulations show the ability of the sensor to detect pulses of amplitudes of the order of 0.1nm in experimental conditions.

This project is proposes, in a first phase, the development, implementation and optimization of a prototype of this new improved sensor, which will require overcoming a number of technological obstacles. Will require improvements in both the assembly and in signal processing algorithms to overcome the expected difficulties. In a second phase, the sensor will be applied to the development of solutions in three areas in which CD6 has significant experience, such as biomedical intruments, nondestructive testing of materials and non-contact metrology. A very important issue to be addressed with the new sensor is non-contact measurement of the shape of the pulse pressure and blood flow, which can open the door to a large number of applications in the health field. A second direct application of the sensor is its use as a detector in compact laser ultrasonic systems, where laser induced ultrasonic waves in a material are detected by high-resolution interferometric systems. Finally, analyze the feasibility of its implementation as a high resolution compact optical lever for motion characterization of atomic force microscope cantilevers (AFM).
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