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New developments in visual optics, vision and hyperspectral systems: Clinical and industrial applications

The main objective of this projecte is to develop new methods and instrumentation in visual optics, vision, and colour technology, that can be posteriorly applied in clinics and industry in order to solve open issues. These investigations require the use and development of experimental technology, advanced optics and photonics.

In the field of visual optics and vision three main objectives will be addressed:

i) Multimodal measurements of the eye’s optical quality and multifocal systems with the aim at developing a new system that integrates wavefront evaluation and double-pass techniques to obtain a complete characterization of the ocular optical quality, and a new system for the optical characterization of multifocal intraocular lenses and multifocal contact lenses;

ii) New contributions for assessing intraocular scattering, developing a new system to measure intraocular  scattering present at the cornea and the lens, proposing new and robust parameters to quantify it and contributing to their modelling;

iii) Development of new methods for diagnosis and evaluation of ocular diseases based on optical quality measurements.

In the field of colour technology four main objectives will also be tackled:

i) Efficient spectral and visual characterization of gonio-chromatic and textured materials, developing a gonio-multispectral imaging system based on light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and a new and versatile lighting booth that allow us developing vision models based on visual and instrumental measurements. Several configurations of the multispectral system will be built in order to address specific applications: sorting of recyclables and development of a low-cost  instrument for colour measurement usable in industry;

ii) Measurement and control of colour reproduction in objects with complex spatial patterns, developing a hyperspectral instrument and a method for the identification and correction of colour deviations;

iii) Efficient  management of colour rendering of luminaires with white LEDs (wLEDs), proposing accurate corrections of the spectral emission of wLEDs to improve their colorimetric features and developing specific filtered luminaires for indoor and outdoor applications;

iv) Design, synthesis and characterisation of competitive natural nano-pigments.

Most of the tasks included in this project are related with applied research and technological development; therefore, the results can be widely applied among different sectors of social and industrial interest such as biomedical, ophthalmic, biochemical, colorant chemistry, textile, plastics, paper, multimedia image technology, coatings for automotive , etc.
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