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Engineering the Eye

From 9th to 12th June  Engineering the Eye III Congress (http://www.cvs.rochester.edu/Benasque/index.html) was held in Benasque. The meeting was organized by the University of Murcia, the National University of Ireland and the University of Rochester.

The works presented by CD6 reserachers follow:

Optical quality in patients with amblyopia, J. C. Ondategui, M. Vilaseca, J. A. Martínez-Roda, J. Pujol

Defocus curve in multifocal contact lenses wearers measured with an asymmetric focus doublé pass system, H. Zuluaga, M. Arjona, S. O. Luque, J. Pujol

Double pass accommodative response measurements,  M. Aldaba, M. Arjona, F. Díaz-Doutón, J. Pujol
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