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Optical design applied to human eye modelization

Dr. José Antonio Díaz Navas University of Granada has carried out a conference on optical design applied to the human eye.

Professor D. José Antonio Díaz Navas, Ph.D. in physics in 1997 from the University of Granada, is currently Professor of the Department of Optics at the same University.

His teaching in the Department of Optics, includes the following subjects: Optics II (Optical Physics), Calculation of Optical Systems, and
Image Analysis and Processing in the European Master Erasmus Mundus "Color in Informatics and Media Technology "(CIMET).

Among the different lines of research in the Optics Group of Granada his fields of interest are: Electronic color Reproduction in different devices (screens, digital cameras and printing on paper and transparencies) and optical design and metrology. He has also collaborated with colleagues from the Department, and other research groups (both national and international), in different works related to color vision, binocular vision, applied colorimetry, retinal image quality, and optical systems design.

He has published, with other researchers, thirty papers of international impact (ISI), a patent, and has assisted to numerous national and international conferences as a speaker. he is member of the Society for Photo-Optical Engineering (SPIE) and the Optical Society of America (OSA). he is also member of the Spanish Network of Visual Optics and participates in the Topical Editors of the journal Applied Optics (Optical Technology Division).
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