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Advances in multimodal imaging for vision through turbid media

Project MISTED (Project PID2020-119484RB-I00) has reached its midterm point, with progress beyond State of the art in several fields. The project has been evaluated very positively at its midterm due to the large progress in the scientific objectives obtained, which included a Monte Carlo model for polarized light in irregular particles, the inclusion of different polarimetric imaging modes for seeing through fog, and the use of data fusion and deep learning algorithms for improved perception through fog. This has brought on 6 referenced papers in journals such as Optics Express, Optics Letters or IEEE Access, among others, and 7 conference presentations.

The plot shows the behaviour of the retroreflection of a pulsed lidar in fog media. Each plot is showing two different polarization emission/detection configurations (CO and CROSS). Each row corresponds to a given fog density (visibility) level, with columns representing objects with three different reflectivities.
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