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Results of QUALITIC project

Last September 15th, the closing meeting of the INNOTEC project took place, executed by a consortium composed of COMSA, CELSA, and CD6 as participating TECNIO center. The project has met all its objectives by developing a system for digitizing ephemeral structures in construction (pillars and meshwork), allowing the counting of the number of bars and the measurement of their diameter with a portable, manual digitization unit.

Thus, the project has demonstrated the feasibility of digitizing complex structures in construction environments, both pillars and meshes, and comparing them with the plans to validate their construction. The measurement procedure is done in a few minutes without specific training by the user, with a LIDAR scanner that combines LIDAR capture algorithms with others from Visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). In the CD6, a proprietary image processing application has been developed to extract information from the acquired models, based on real data, which has allowed the data to be processed, and its main characteristics extracted, generating a true digital twin of the structure of the construction work.

Beyond counting the bars and hoops of each structure, it has been possible to distinguish bars with a resolution of less than 2mm, allowing the measurement of the bars and even the analysis of situations with double hoops on the pillars. The density and diameter of bars in the meshes has also been measured in construction environments. The partners will continue the search for funding to finalize the application and take it from the current state (TRL5) to a definitive software product for on-site quality control.

Project ACE034/21/000042 funded by the Generalitat de Catalunya through the INNOTEC program of ACCIÓ.
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