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Professor Janis Spigulis visits CD6

During November 2021, Professor Janis Spigulis will be visiting CD6 to deepen research collaboration between both groups. Professor Spigulis works at the Department of Physics of the University of Latvia, is Fellow of SPIE and leads the Biophotonics Laboratory. His background is in atomic spectroscopy, optoelectronics and fibre optics, over the last two decades he has been mostly involved in biophotonics research. The Biophotonics Lab develops novel optical methods and devices for non-invasive diagnostics and monitoring of human health condition, mainly focusing to human skin. Spectral, temporal and imaging analysis of optical signals from in-vivo skin may ensure quantitative assessment of various skin malformations, skin blood micro-circulation and overall cardio-vascular state of a person.

Further information at: https://www.asi.lu.lv/en/labs/biophotonics-laboratory/
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