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InSLC - Intelligent Scanning Lidar Camera

The InSLC (Intelligent Scanning LIDAR Camera) project aims to build a new type of three-dimensional image sensor based on LIDAR / LADAR or TOF (time-of-flight) technology, combining essentially two key factors into a single device: cost and performance. The TOF technology is based on the emission of a laser pulse and the determination of the time between the emitted and received pulses after being reflected in the surface under measure. The measured time is used to determine the distance to the surface where it has been reflected directly.

We propose a LIDAR camera system based on a scanning system developed and patented by the CD6-UPC that allows to combine in a single device the following capacities:
  • High image quality: 5 times higher than commercial systems
  • Measure in real time (20 images / s).
  • Measurement at medium / long distance ~ 1Km.
  • Measure under any weather conditions (rain, snow, fog or dust).
The system offers superior technical performance over current commercial systems in combination with a competitive price level approach. The combination of these two factors opens a new market approach and new applications that until now, were not possible with this type of technology. After an industrialization phase, the cost of the product will presumable sit arround € 20,000 which gives it the possibility to cover a greater range of applications and a greater sales volume in markets such as rail, security, robotics, aeronautics or energy, in various specific applications.

The technology is protected by two patents, one of which has already been extended in national phases with applications processed in Europe, USA, Japan, China and Israel. The operation will be carried out by means of a new spin-off company of CD6-UPC that will carry out the commercialization of the technology.

The project will be developed thanks to the support of ACCIÓ (Generalitat de Catalunya) within the framework of the VALTEC program that helps the transfer of research results into the market.
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