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From basic research in Photonics to a commercial entity: The case of Crystalline Mirror Solutions

The Barcelona Master in Photonics by UAB and ICFO and UPC, has invited entrepreneur Garret Cole to the UPC Campus in Terrassa to explain how he created a spin-off from his basic research results
The title of the talk to be held within the Spreading Wisdom Sessions at CD6, is: "From basic research in Photonics to a commercial entity: the case of Crystalline Mirror Solutions."

In 2015 Garrett Cole was awarded the Early Career Entrepreneur in Photonics by the European Optical Society (EOS). According to the organizers, is an interesting example of transition from science to market. He received his PhD in Electronics and Photonic Materials at UC Santa Barbara in 2005. His thesis consisted in the development of active optical MEMS. In Vienna he continued his esearch focusing on new micromanufacturing technologies of  optical sensors and the exploration of quantum phenomena in optical-mechanical systems.

Crystalline Mirror Solutions (CMS) was co-founded as a spin-off based on the research results at the University of Vienna by Garrett Cole and Markus Aspelmeyer in 2012. This company aims at the commercialization of coatings based on monocrystalline semiconductor properties. These coatings allow the development of new applications that require high reflectivity mirrors or low noise coatings for very high precision applications.
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