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The Multi-ethnic Pediatric Eye Disease Study: Epidemiology & Clinical Practice – Connecting the Dots

Data from the population-based Multi-ethnic Pediatric Eye Disease Study (MEPEDS) of 9055 children ages 6 to 72 months that inform clinical practice will be presented. Age specific thresholds for abnormal monocular visual acuity, usefulness of fixation preference testing as a surrogate for the diagnosis of amblyopia in preverbal children, the sensitivity of the Brückner test for strabismus detection, and risk factors for strabismus and amblyopia will be included.

The conference, organized by the DRC-UPC and  given by Dr. Cotter, will take place in the Joan Salvadó Auditorium:
Date: October 27, 2015
Time: 12:00
Location: Passeig 22 de Juliol 660, Terrassa
website: https://foot.upc.edu/lescola-es/nuestras-instalaciones/auditorio-joan-salvado?set_language=en

More information about the speaker can be found in:
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