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A photonics based biosensor with plasmonic accuracy and low cost

The proof of concept proposed is aimed at the healthcare market, and in particular to portable medical devices (lab-on-chip) and microfluidics. It is expected to obtain a portable bio-detection device, economical and with an accuracy beyond current devices based in plasmonics. The biosensors market has increased dramatically in recent years and is expected to reach billions of dollars to 21.64 in 2020. For this reason, the development of new biosensing technologies capable of increasing and simplifying the characteristics of the current technologies is seen as a relevant business opportunity. In particular, very accurate measurement of changes in refractive index, enabling to identify and trace protein-antigen reactions as they occur, as currently performed by plasmon-based biosensors.

Project funding has been awarded in the LLAVOR Program from the Agency for Administration of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) of the Generalitat of Catalonia in collaboration with ERDF from EU. The project will be led by Dr. Santiago Royo.
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