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The MEGACOPT Project

Based on the studies previsously committed to CD6, in 2012 DAVALOR SALUD, SL started the design and development of a machine capable of autonomous and automatic exploration and pre-diagnosis of functional vision problems (optometry) and therapy. This development was part of the project "System Diagnosis and Therapy Optometry based on HMD (VISION).

The new machine undergoing industrial launch, is composed of different interchangeable mechatronic cartridges that allow, among other functions, exploration and optometric therapy.

The motivation of the MEGACOPT Project is adding new features to the HMD system developed under the VISION Project. The goal is the development of two new cartridges to measure refraction and ocular aberrations and topography and aberrations of the cornea and integrate them into the new HMD machine. This integration will allow automating autorefractors and corneal topographers functionality, which are two of the instruments most commonly used in optical and optometric and ophthalmologic consultation. It will also enable an automatic aberrometer, which is an increasingly demanded equipment in these facilities From the business perspective the challenge is also very important because it expands significantly routine eye exams since they will be available to the majority of the population at a much lower cost.

This project has received funding through the program RETOS Colaboración from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competititvity.
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