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Interdisciplinary Workshop “Laser Imaging for Skin Cancer Detection"

COST Action BM1205 has as one of its main goals the advance in the understanding of laser imaging techniques and its deployment in the hospitals of Europe and Australia. Such deployment is many times hindered by the language, communication, and procedural bareers that both comunities face when they try to meet each other. Both sides recognize the need and importance of the feedback and information received fom the other side, but communication is not always easy.

The goal of the workshop is to introduce the basics principles of clinical practice related with skin cancer from the medical to the laser science community. At the same time, the laser science community will present an overview of the basics of the more promising techniques at the research level, including the basic understanding of the physical phenomena, and the state of the art related to skin cancer detection.

The Workshop, will take place at the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam (The Netherlands) next October 9th 2014. Contact Santiago Royo (santiago.royo@upc.edu) for details. A number of grants for young-stage researchers are available

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