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CD6 contributions at Visual & Physiological Optics 2014 meeting

Researchers from CD6 participated in the first World Congress of Visual and Physiological Optics (formerly  European Meeting on Visual & Physiological Optics) presenting the results of recent studies conducted in the field of vision. The meeting took place between the 25th and 27th of august in Wroclaw (Poland).

Carlos Enrique García presented two talks where he summarized much of the work done in the development of his PhD thesis. In his first oral presentation, he explained the workings of the multimodal system for complete characterization of the optical quality of the eye, as most important elements incorporates double-pass techniques and Hartmann-Shack simultaneously correcting low-order aberrations and binocular vision in open field. In his second talk, he presented the results in the speckle noise reduction in the measurement of the ocular optical quality using electro-optical lenses.

Anna Giner presented a poster with the work done in the in vivo evaluation of intraocular lenses before surgery. To date, evaluation of intraocular lenses was only possible after surgery. But a new instrument, VirtIOL, developed by 10 Lens SLU, a start-up company of CD6, allows assessment prior to surgery, thus facilitating the development of lenses and the choice of the patient.

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