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First Meeting of research and technological innovation in the Terrassa Campus

Last 13th June 2013 took place the First Meeting of the research and technological innovation in the Campus of the Technical University of Catalonia in Terrassa. The purpose of this meeting was to disseminate knowledge and technical innovation generated in the Campus. The program included different conferences and lectures given by renowned researchers of Terrassa Campus, and poster presentation sessions by young researchers who are already future promising people thanks to the research they are carrying out .

CD6 actively participated in the meeting with the following contributions: 

"Evaluation of an autorefractor for overrefraction with multifocal contact lenses patients" - A. Giner, M. Aldaba, M. Arjona, J. Pujol.

"Fuente de luz espectral sintonizable basada en diodos emisores de luz (LEDs)" - F.J. Burgos, M. Vilaseca, J. Pujol.

"Laser-based ultrasounds: applications in non-contact metal inspections" - C. Martínez, F. Laguarta, V. Garcia, J. M. Cabrera.

"Low cost devices for the 3D measurement of surfaces in industrial applications" - M. Ares, S. Royo.

"Nuevas líneas de trabajo en metrología óptica en el CD6 de la UPC" - S. Royo, M. Ares, R. Atashkhooei, F.J. Azcona, V. Suc, J. Mendez-Astudillo, A. Jha.

"Differential self-mixing interferometry: a low cost approach for a nm displacement sensor" - F.J. Azcona, S.Royo, J. Mendez-Astudillo, A. Jha.

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