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Biomedical instruments

Featured Projects

Design and development of a fluorescence sensor to be integrated in a viable cellsanalyzer

Artificial eye

Development of a new instrument for the evaluation in vitro of the optical quality of intraocular lenses by means of the double step technique (CALIO).

Nowadys, there is an increasing number of surgery operations to correct eye-related problems. Specifically, the use of Intraocular Lenses (IOL) ... [+info]


Design of a system of images reception with a cmos sensor for medico-surgical applications, among others, of 3D visualization (3D Sounding ).

Development of extended area techniques for the texture and rugosity analysis of the skin.

Image of cantilever during measurement

A photonics based biosensor with plasmonic accuracy and low cost.

The project aims to develop a proof of concept pre-prototype capable of delivering results with comparable or superior accuracy to those ... [+info]

Eye skin wrinckles topography - Final processed result

Three-dimensional profilometry of the human skin by means of fringe projection

The project proposes the development of an application based 3D projection profilometry oriented bands performing three-dimensional topography of human skin. ... [+info]

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