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PLEXOF - Development of a new industrial process to obtain photochromic beam spl...

The PLEXOF project, under the funding of the RETOS collaboration program (RTC-2016-5526-8) of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, for ... [+info]


PICEO - Micro-injection machine for Photonic Integrated Circuits encapsulation w...

Under the funding of the program Convocatòria d’Industria del Coneixement for the year 2016, Modalitat B, Producte, of the Agencia ... [+info]


Railway infrastructure inspection with LIDAR

In July 2019, the execution of the CIFIL project has been completed, in which CD6 has contributed by developing a ... [+info]


The PICEO project, finalist of the EARTO Innovation Awards.

Under the funding of the program Industria del Coneixement for the 2016 call of the Agencia de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris ... [+info]


WORKSHOP: Photonics 4 Optical Fiber Applications

In the framework of the Spanish Meeting of Optoelectronics (OPTOEL2019, Zaragoza), Fotónica21 (CD6 being part of the Technical Secretariat) organizes ... [+info]


Conference "New trends in biomedical imaging and data analysis”

Gottingen, Germany, July 3-4, 2019.


Biomedical imaging is an interdisciplinary research field that is producing ground breaking ... [+info]



Beamagine develops robust, high performance lidar imaging solutions for sensing applications, in special related to innovative mobility and transport solutions ... [+info]


ACTPHAST 4R: Accelerating Photonics Deployment via one Stop Shop Advanced Techno...

Proposal ACTPHAST4R leaded by VUB has been recently awarded by the European Commission. CD6 is proud to participate as a ... [+info]


7a edició de les beques de recerca a estudiants universitaris del Campus de Te...

Les estudiants de doctorat d'Enginyeria Òptica Laura Rey i Sara Peña són les guanyadores de la 6a i 7a edició ... [+info]


ENCAP Hybtronics - Encapsulated of electro-optical devices

Under the funding program Retos-Collaboration (RTC-2015-3954-8) of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, the Project ENCAP developed by the National ... [+info]

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